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Paul Mila Author & Underwater Photographer
Paul Mila - Writing at his Cozumel Condo
Paul Mila - Author


  Near Miss by Paul J. Mila

"Terry and Joe are back again in this fourth installment of Paul Mila's genre-crossing diving adventure/mystery series. This time he has created several lively new characters to help our diving duo solve their latest mystery and bring the bad guys to justice. Mila has a real knack for creating strong, sexy female characters, and Dayle Standish is a prime example. Another well-crafted mystery adventure!"
Mike Monahan, author of BARRACUDA
Review date:10/15/2012

"Hold on to your seats, Paul Mila has done it again! Near Miss is a fast-paced thriller that you simply cannot put down. The action is intense as Mila weaves the reader through a web of international intrigue complete with a rogue's gallery cast of characters. This fast, fun read compliments the three previous books in this series."
Karen Sunde, actress and playwright, author of THE SECRET SHIP
Review date: 9/12/2012


“Mila has created his own genre: The Feel-Good Thriller. His white-knuckle tales are spun by friends you don't want to leave.”