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2. Whales' Angels

3. Fireworks

4. Near Miss

5. Killer in Paradise


Harry Hawksbill
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Bubbles Up

Basic Underwater Photography


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Paul Mila Author & Underwater Photographer
Paul Mila - Writing at his Cozumel Condo
Paul Mila - Author


Killer in Paradise

MANETTA MYSTERY ADVENTURE SERIES - Book 5 - KILLER IN PARADISE, scuba diver and art gallery owner Dayle Standish struggles to save her marriage as she searches for a priceless artifact dating back to Christopher Columbus. But Dayle's path through the land of the ancient Mayans intersects with a vicious killer in Cozumel, Mexico, putting herself and her friends, Terry and Joe Manetta, in danger.

The story will appeal to divers and non-divers alike, and diving readers will recognize dive sites located in Roatan and Cozumel. The unique story line takes readers inside cenotes (pronounced SAY-NO-TAYS), the underwater caves that riddle the Yucatan, and which supplied the ancient Mayans with much of their fresh water.

Harry Hawksbill CHILDREN'S BOOK - HARRY HAWKSBILL HELPS HIS FRIENDS: Vibrant photos depicted on high-quality glossy pages sets this book apart from other children’s books. Author and diver Paul Mila uses his vivid underwater photos to bring this story to life. Harry the hawksbill turtle discovers that his angelfish friends aren't getting along because they look different from each other. Harry teaches them they are more alike than they realize, while children also learn about sea life. This is a fun book for beginning self-readers or for parents and children to read together.
Near Miss by Paul J. Mila NON FICTION - BUBBLES UP: Join divers Judy Hemenway and Paul Mila in the South Pacific and meet 30-ton whales eye to eye; dive into the Caribbean surrounded by hungry sharks, and turn back time as you explore a World War II Pacific wreck. Feel the thrill of an eagle ray flyby in Cozumel, Mexico, and experience the rush of a barracuda feeding frenzy. Whether you are a diver, snorkeler, or an ocean lover you will enjoy immersing yourself in these fascinating stories
Near Miss by Paul J. Mila MANETTA MYSTERY ADVENTURE SERIES - Book 4 - NEAR MISS: Spies, treasure hunters, and Cozumel scuba divers collide in this Caribbean adventure.
Paul Mila's Fireworks MANETTA MYSTERY ADVENTURE SERIES - Book 3 - FIREWORKS: Brave SCUBA divers, a heroic dolphin and N.Y.P.D. Homeland Security Forces battle Al Qaeda terrorists in a July 4th thriller you won’t put down until the explosive conclusion.
Whales Angels by Paul Mila
MANETTA MYSTERY ADVENTURE SERIES - Book 2 - WHALES' ANGELS: Divers Terry Hunter and husband, ex-NYPD detective Joe Manetta, return in a new adventure, battling whalers and international conspirators in this seagoing tale of intrigue and murder.
Whales Angels
Dangerous Waters by Paul Mila
MANETTA MYSTERY ADVENTURE SERIES - Book 1- DANGEROUS WATERS: Has all the ingredients for a gripping undersea adventure:Ferocious sharks, friendly dolphins, nefarious criminals, and enough chemistry between a sexy heroine and a bold, but sensitive, NYPD detective to spark romance in the steamy Caribbean. 
Dangerous Waters
Basic Underwater Photography
NON FICTION - Basic Underwater Photography: Basic Underwater Photography  stresses a non-technical photographic approach for divers who prefer enjoying their dives and taking photos without continually adjusting f-stops, shutter speeds, and other camera settings.